Student Systems Administrators


About The Sysadmins

The Student Systems Administrators are a group of students who maintain computer equipment in the TJ Computer Systems Lab. We run services which power the entire school's operations, including the TJ Website (, TJ Email accounts (, and a student-run and developed project known as the TJ Intranet (, which is used daily by students and staff and runs the Eighth Period student activity program. Sysadmins manage over 30 servers and 50 student workstations, all powered by GNU/Linux and open source software.

Our Team

Our Projects and Services

  • TJHSST Account Info

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    Website Requests and Management

    Want to us to set up a new school site? Check out our Directors resource here.

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    TJ Webmail and Email Forwarding

    Learn how to set up email forwarding for your TJ Webmail account.

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    Sysadmin Resources

  • Livedoc

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    Task planning board

    Nagios (VPN)

    For monitoring servers

    Racktables (VPN)

    For keeping track of server locations